*Microsoft Privacy Statement

By the Editor…..

How many of us have actually read through the full Microsoft privacy statement? I did, once, several years ago. I was totally shocked to see what personal data Microsoft was collecting about us and what they were doing with it. And now with the release of Windows 10, who some dub as Spyware, I decided to read it again. Shocked was a word that seemed minor compared to what they are now collecting.

When the news of the documents released by Edward Snowden hit the world press a couple of years ago, most everyone was surprised at the vast amounts of data the NSA was collecting under the guise of National Security. But what has been set as a side story was all the information the major computing and Internet players have been collecting as well. Companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, even Microsoft, are collecting data that rivals that from the NSA. After all, they have complete access to our computers, Internet traffic, and email & messaging. All of that information is collected, sorted, catalogued and stored on company servers that are accessed by government interests. Everyone should know that in this Internet age, nothing is private, in any way.

How many of us even read the licensing agreements (EULA) when we install a new piece of software? I rarely do myself. We just want to get it installed and go on with using the software to make our lives easier, more productive, and better. But each of those software installation also requires us to give up some of our privacy, our personal data, and allows then to follow and track movements that would be illegal if it was a nosey neighbor, ex-spouse, or even law enforcement.

Yet we continue to move into a world where we give away our rights and privacy for convenience in living. It is up to each of us to make decisions based on how much freedom we want to give away in the name of convenience, knowing that not only is Big Brother watching, but all his kinfolk are collecting and recording our very lives on his behalf.

The link below goes directly to the Microsoft Privacy Statement. Be prepared for a looong read, and a shocking awareness of how the major computing corporations are tracking us. Or if you prefer, write me and I’ll email the full 46 page Word document of the Microsoft privacy statement to you.

Microsoft Privacy Statement:  http://q.gs/ACDdM




  1. Win-10 was designed to work like tablets and smartphones with touchscreens, not real computers. Business computers and most users do not have touchscreens. Maybe when The Jetsons move in next door, but that’s not happening anytime soon.


  2. I read that one time. If you can understand all the legalese without falling asleep then you did better than me. I think they wrote it like that so you wouldn’t understand just how much information you are giving them access to.


  3. This new Win 10 is a privacy nightmare. I don’t know of any experienced computer users that understand the insides of Win 10 that have upgraded. And there is no reason to sneak an upgrade in the middle of the night. just wrong.


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