*Microsoft Sets October 31st 2016 Deadline For New Windows 7 Machines

from The Editor  …..

If you are looking to buy a Windows 7 machine from a retail provider you only have until October 31 to do so. After this date, you may still be able to find machines in the non-superstore retail shops but OEMs will not be able to license new devices which means only existing inventory will be sold.

For corporations who are still using this OS, this date will be important if they are planning on rolling out new hardware but want to use the older OS. For consumers, this means that this holiday shopping season is likely the last time that they can buy a Windows 7 machine with Windows 7 pre installed as original equipment.

Windows 10 has been pushed to consumers as the replacement for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. The practice of forcing the upgrades through Windows Update has been controversial, and most of the computer cognoscenti have avoided the move to Windows 10 stating huge security and privacy risks.

And many who know how to build their own machines are custom constructing their own Windows 7 boxes to last through 2020 when Microsoft says support for Windows 7 will end.

Microsoft claims that over 300 million “devices” have been converted to Windows 10. “Devices” meaning not just regular desktop computers but laptops, phones, and tablets as well. Their stated goal is one billion “devices” by 2018.

While Windows 8 did not sell well and has now been considered a major mistake in Microsoft’s marketing and production plans, Windows 10 is quickly growing in market share and for most users, they will skip Windows 8 and jump straight to Windows 10.

Once the free giveaway of Windows 10 ends on July 29th, only time will tell if the current rate of adoption will continue.

Microsoft is dangling a carrot for corporations, where it makes most of its Windows revenue through it’s MS Office suite. The program, Office 365, is popular among small businesses but loathed among large corporations.

Adoption will be in question as corporations need to upgrade their computers along with their office suites. ‘Windows as a Service’ is slated to replace ‘Windows as a Product’. This means adjusting features under the Windows Update for Business umbrella that they hope will entice corporations to upgrade.

However, security and privacy with Windows 10 will still be a concern as corporations adopt internal policies to better maintain control of the company’s internal data.


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