*Microsoft Cuts More Features From Windows 10 Pro To Push Businesses To Enterprise Edition

by Brad Sams   …..  

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that its monthly subscription service for enterprise customers would start at $7 a month and it will launch later this year. If you are a business running Windows 10, large customers will almost always opt for the Enterprise edition but smaller and some medium sized companies have been using the Pro versions of Windows for several years.

Windows 10 Pro is the preferred operating system for small and medium sized business but Microsoft is making this edition less attractive to those users as they continue to cut features from the OS.

[With the release of Windows 10 version and it’s Anniversary Update they are removing additional features from Pro. Starting with the Group Policy Editor and the Windows Store, Microsoft has indicated it will cripple Windows-10 PRO even more to push business owners to fork over more money to pay for the free upgrade pushed on customers this past year.]

Specifically, after this update is installed, Windows 10 Pro will no longer be able to centrally manage Windows Spotlight on the lock screen, Start menu app suggestions, Windows tips, and Microsoft account notifications.

While this particular update is not significant setback for administrators of machines with this OS, when coupled with the removal of features it begins to show how Microsoft doesn’t want companies to be using Windows 10 Pro in the workplace. By placing ads and apps in front of end-users, this opens up more pain points for IT Pros where users could try to install unsupported applications on a company network.

It’s not hard to draw the correlation between features being removed from the Pro version of Windows 10 and the company offering an easier way to use its Windows-as-a-Service offering that is coming this fall. [Microsoft’s plan is to make Windows a subscription service and not an operating system on your computer]. Microsoft wants all companies using the Enterprise edition of its operating system as it creates re-occurring cash flow for the company, much like Office 365 has done from the transition from on premises to the cloud based offering.

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2 thoughts on “*Microsoft Cuts More Features From Windows 10 Pro To Push Businesses To Enterprise Edition

  1. And we’s only a couple of years until Microsoft stops selling Windows as a separate operating system. They’ve already announced that Windows-10 will be it’s last OS and will be sold as a subscription service like Office 365. One more way that Microsoft is wanting to take control of our computers.


  2. Win-10 is turning out to be almost as big a nightmare as Win-8/8.1.
    MS marketing will say anything, but if you have to give away the very software that runs your computer just to get new users, then there is something wrong to begin with.


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