*Top Story: 200 million Yahoo accounts are for sale on Dark Web

By Komando Staff, Komando.com   …..

The Dark Web is where most of the internet’s illegal activities take place. If you want to buy drugs, counterfeit or stolen items, fake degrees or passports, cloned debit cards, hacking tools, weapons and more, this is where to get them. Some sites also let you hire a hit man, pick up someone’s identity or swap child pornography. Like we said, it’s a scary place.

Now, a hacker is claiming to have stolen millions of account credentials from a Yahoo server is selling them through the digital underground.

Through your Yahoo account information hackers might steal your information, but that’s just the beginning. Most of their money is made by selling your personal information to other thieves who then use it to steal and wreck your credit and perhaps your entire financial life. These transactions usually occur on the Dark Web.

Yahoo is now looking into reports that at least 200 million login credentials have been stolen. A hacker with the handle “peace_of_mind” listed them for sale on the Dark Web for about $1,800. Usernames, passwords, birthdates and backup email accounts are some of the listed items.

Yahoo says they are taking the claim seriously and are committed to protecting their clients’ information. Their security team is trying to determine if the breach is real or if the database of information is a fake.

This is not the first time the “peace_of_mind” hacker has been involved in this type of attack. He also took credit for the LinkedIn hack back in May that put 117 million people at risk.

If you are a Yahoo user you need to change your login credentials immediately. This step could keep the cybercriminal from getting into your account.


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  1. I really don’t understand why people still use passwords named after their pets, or birthdays, or favorite color, or anything else that easy to crack with a simple computer application. By now most people must know that passwords need to be changed regularly, and strong (learn how to do it, please.) It is a threat to all of us who connect to you. When your password get broken then the rest of us are at risk as well. That means family, friends, and even co-workers. And likewise … when we are not regularly changing our own passwords, then that makes you at danger as well. Come on folks. we have to work together in this.


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