*How to Delete Your Netflix History and Hide Your Embarrassing Guilty Pleasure Viewing

By Luke Johnson   …..

You’re new sweetheart’s coming round, you’ve cooked a lovely meal, things are going well, and then BAM! You’re betrayed by your other love. No, not Tinder. Netflix.

We’re not talking about sluggish streams or basic buffing either, but your relationship-ruining Netflix history that will blow the whistle on your secret affinity for Pokémon or films like Avalanche Sharks.

Sure, you might have told your fledgling love interest that you spend your evenings enjoying TV gold such as Breaking Bad, Master of None and House of Cards, but when they rock up and see you’ve actually made your way through four series of Gilmore Girls and the most recent episode of Good Witch, you’re going to have some embarrassing questions to answer.

It doesn’t need to be this way though. Netflix is your friend, and as well as appeasing your guilty pleasures, it can help you hide them too. You just need to know where to look.

So, how exactly do you delete your Netflix history? Well, it’s surprisingly simple.

Accessing the streaming service from your laptop or desktop, all you need to do is click Settings > Your Account > Viewing Activity. Here you can remove each item of your potentially embarrassing viewing history one by one and turn that Netflix-based walk of shame into your very own wall of good taste.

If you’re accessing from the Netflix smartphone or tablet apps, you can cull the crap by clicking the Settings icon and hitting ‘Account.‘ This will redirect you to the Netflix website and let you amend you viewing activity desktop style.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to delete your Netflix history directly from your TV. Don’t worry though, clearing your history on any other device will erase any trace of embarrassment on the TV.



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  1. I can totally see the need for this. I mean if I was a studly man at home watching”The Muppets Movie”, I’m not sure I would want anyone to know. hehe


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