*Google’s latest Chrome browser release removes “go back” key, but here’s how to undo it

By Zach Epstein  …..

Google’s Chrome web browser is a resource hog. Because of that, it’s also often a battery hog. It doesn’t have a few of the cool new features rival browsers have such as built-in free VPN, and it doesn’t look quite as sleek as other options out there like Vivaldi. But Chrome is lightning-fast and its user interface is slick and minimalistic. It also offers tie-ins with other Google services and a catalog of third-party extensions that you can add if you choose. So, if you still feel the need to use Google products despite it’s reputation for data collection and privacy violations, then here’s some information you could use.

According to Google, 0.04% of page views served up by its Chrome web browser come as a result of users hitting the backspace key to go back one page. That number seems minuscule but if you stop to consider how many pages Chrome serves up, that number is much bigger than you might have thought. If you search around social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or around tech forums, you’ll see that users have been outraged ever since Google eliminated the backspace-to-go-back feature in its latest major update, Chrome 52.

But don’t worry, undoing the damage is beyond easy.

Google initially downplayed how widely the user’s outcry would be. Using the backspace key is used to go back a page, but the company chose to remove that functionality. But after the angst and anger thrown at Google from loyal Chrome users, Google modified it’s position. No, it didn’t add the functionality back to Chrome, but it did do the next best thing: Google released an official Chrome extension that re-maps the backspace key to its old function.

Google’s “Go Back With Backspace” extension is completely free and available for download in the Chrome Web Store.


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