*Warning! Ransomware posing as critical Windows update

By Komando Staff, Komando.com   …..

Cybercriminals are always coming up with sneakier ways to steal our information and money. One of the fastest spreading cybercrimes in the world is ransomware attacks. Once infected, you could lose important documents, files and precious photos forever.

When ransomware first came onto the scene, you typically had to open an email attachment for your gadget to be infected. That’s because the ransomware program was hidden in documents that seemed safe to open. Now, a new devious scam is making the rounds that could easily trick people into becoming a victim.

The new attack is called Fantom Ransomware and is being disguised as a critical Windows Update. A phony Windows Update screen is displayed while the ransomware quietly infects the system in the background.

This scam has the potential to be very successful because it looks very much like a real update. It appears to be legitimate because the developers added the Microsoft Copyright to the file properties.

If your system is infected, an embedded program called WindowsUpdate.exe will be executed. A fake update will display “Configuring critical Windows Updates.” It will take over your entire screen and not let you get to any open applications.

If you use the keyboard combination of Ctrl and F4, you can close the fake update screen. Unfortunately, the ransomware will continue to encrypt your files behind the scenes. A successful decryption of the Fantom Ransomware has yet to be discovered.

To catch ransomware before it’s too late, we recommend powerful internet security software. There are many free and subscription software packages. Please install one and keep it updated.


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