*If You Accidentally Installed the Chrome Extension for the Facebook Sex Tape Scam, Here’s How to Remove It.

By Declan Dunn, TechViews.org   …..

So, curiosity got the best of you… right? Now your computer is infected. Your antivirus or anti malware scanners may not find it because it’s installed as a browser extension and not a regular virus. If you are a lucky one who’s scanners can identify it and remove it, good for you.

But if you know it’s been installed and your scanners can’t see it, here’s how to remove this malicious extension. This is tricky, you will have to first delete the registry key with the Registry Editor. Now if you are not familiar with how the registry works, get an experienced computer user to do this for you.

1a.  Regardless, please backup your registry first, as any mistake in editing your registry could cause serious problems with your computer.

1b.  Now, go to the Start Button → Type “regedit” in the Search/Run option, which will open the Windows Registry Editor.

1c.  Now, use the left side menu in the new window to find the folder below:

1d.  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Google\Chrome\Extension

1e.  Now right-click it and select “Remove.”

Now the second step is to remove the extension from the browser.

2a.  Since the malicious Chrome extension prevents victims from accessing the native Chrome Extensions settings page, you must remove the extension by deleting the following folder from your PC:

2b.  C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

2c.  This action will remove all Chrome extensions from your computer.

You have no option other than deleting the folder completely to get rid of the malicious threat, as you cannot access the Chrome Extensions settings page to get the ID of the malicious extension. You will be wasting your time if you try since the extension will not allow you to open the Extensions page anyway.

Last but not the least, no celebrity recently have had their sex tape leaked (at least not one that’s available online). So if you come across any link claiming to show a recent leaked sex tape of Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence or any others, remember just to report it.


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