*Still Have a YAHOO Account? Time to Close It And Move On

By Declan Dunn, TechViews.org   …..

I have a Yahoo account I’ve had for years but hardly used. In fact, I’ve had it since Yahoo was the main search engine. It handled search, general information, and email, of course. But with the revelation this week that a further one billion accounts were hacked, it became clear, it’s time to close that Yahoo account.

This latest revelation indicates it’s past time.

Yahoo revealed earlier this year that over 500 million user accounts had been compromised by electronic attacks dating back to 2014. But things just got worse.

The announcement was that the breach was over one billion more than previously disclosed. Yes, one billion. One billion more, on top of the 500 million it previously disclosed.

So, it’s time to think about changing if you still use Yahoo for email. Actually, if you have a Yahoo account of any kind that requires you to enter a password, you should consider closing it.

Why? You may ask?   Most people us the same password and login name across multiple online accounts. If you have several email accounts then the chances are that you use the same, or similar login credentials for all of them. That may even stretch to medical, shopping, credit card, or even your banking accounts.

If the hackers get one password, they can then enter ALL of your accounts that use the same password. Even if the information for an account is benign by itself, it’s easy for hackers to assemble various bits of data about you to build a profile that can reveal your password. That’s why you need to close your Yahoo account in case it was breached.

And now we know that over 1.5 billion accounts were accessed … the chances that yours was one of them is extremely high.

If you’re actually using your Yahoo account for email, then you’re going to need to migrate the account. I can’t help you with that, per se. Changing email accounts is as painful as changing phone numbers, but anyone still using a Yahoo email account in 2017 … I mean, seriously?

I don’t actually use Yahoo in any meaningful way, but I did use it on and off over the years. After tomorrow, not any more.


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