*Router Maker D-Link Sued by the FTC For Failure to Secure Its Routers and IP Cameras from Hackers

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The United States’ Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sued router maker D-link, alleging that it’s products are not secure for users’ protection. D-Link is based in Taiwan.

The FTC filed a lawsuit against D-Link arguing that the company failed to implement necessary security protection in its routers and Internet-connected security cameras that left “thousands of consumers at risk” to hacking attacks.

This led to complications that helped last October’s DDoS attack in the United States to become as dangerous as it was. Fortunately, it also led to a realization that many home and business appliances connected to the Internet can be used to breach security in all kinds of ways not previously addressed. That attack with an IoT botnet known as Mirai, was found infecting routers, webcams, and DVRs built with weak default passwords and then using them to DDoS major internet services.

D-Link has been accused of several FTC violations, including:

  • Falsification about security in its router and IP camera user interfaces and promotional materials.
  • Falsely claiming that reasonable measures have been taken to protect its devices against well-known and easily preventable security flaws, like “hard-coded” user credentials and command injection flaws, which would allow any remote attacker to gain unauthorized access to its devices.
  • Failure to secure its software.

According to the federal legal complaint, D-Link’s insecure products allowed hackers to “monitor a consumer’s whereabouts to target them for theft or other crimes.”

Several security researchers and hackers found serious flaws in D-Link products over the past year due to its failure to release firmware updates in a timely manner.

This is an ongoing case so we should be seeing a major change in the way router manufacturers address the IoS threat.

To help address this problem, another networking equipment provider, Netgear, has launched a program, inviting researchers and hackers to find and responsibly report security flaws in its hardware and mobile apps for cash rewards ranging from $150 to $15,000.

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