*Secret “sexting” codes kids that kids use are not just ‘lol’ anymore

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Parents … we’ve all seen our kids retreat into their private world with their heads down and their eyes glues to their smartphone. We are not really sure what they are doing.

Are they texting their friends? Are they sending emails? Are they surfing the Internet? If so, then what are they looking for?   These are fears that all parent have.

And many times when asked what they are doing, parents will get the basic teen answer, “nothing”. And if we push them they throw a hissy fit and storm off, not revealing what they are doing.

But a growing practice among young teens is that of “sexting” That’s where teens not only talk dirty to each other, but they also send nude, or near-nude photos of themselves to each other, along with coded messages. Are you bothered yet?

Yes, they even have their own language comprised of codes specifically designed to keep adults in the dark as to their activities.

Below is a graphic translating many of the codes and abbreviations kids use. There’s a lot of them, but most kids know them all. Maybe as parents we should become familiar with some of the codes as well.


Be Safe – Backup Your Data Regularly!


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