*CIA director wants to track your Facebook postings

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If your Facebook profile is public, it’ll be an open invitation for the CIA to snoop around, collect what you have written , and then keep it for another day.

According to Mike Pompeo, incoming Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA is obligated to follow up on information that’s on a public website. That includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

“If someone is out there is on their Facebook, talking about an attack or plotting an attack against America, I think you would find the director of the CIA grossly negligent if they didn’t pursue that information,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo has said the US needed to collect publicly available information to “keep Americans safe.”

The Orlando nightclub gunman posted a cryptic warning on his Facebook page before committing his murders last June. A student at Ohio State in November reportedly did the same on Facebook before carrying out a knife attack on campus.

Pompeo said public social media profiles such as those on Facebook could be useful in the CIA’s counterterrorism efforts. He promised the Senate intelligence committee that the CIA wouldn’t unlawfully spy on US citizens, reminding the lawmakers that he’s voted for legislation protecting privacy.

That said, outgoing Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed an order her last days in office that would allow the federal intelligence agencies to share their collected data with local law enforcement. Essentially that means that local and state law enforcement now has the massive information gathering apparatus of the CIA, FBI, NSA, et.al. to funnel information back to them.

This takes us to a surveillance state like we have only seen in the movies.

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