*Encrypted e-mail service Lavabit is relaunched

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In 2013 Edward Snowden leaked details of the NSA’s surveillance to the world. To communicate with his contacts he used a secure, encrypted email service named, Lavabit. At the time it was considered the best way to communicate privately.

Then the government demanded Lavabit turn over it’s encryption keys so that they could track and read all of his communications, along with anyone else that used Lavabit email service.

Rather than violate their customer’s privacy, they simply shut themselves down.

On January 20th 2017, Lavabit founder Ladar Levinson announced that he was relaunching Lavabit. He explained that while much has changed since the site was originally closed down, “much has not in our post-Snowden world,” All we have to do is look at some of the recent email leaks to see that he is correct.

According to Levinson, former users of the service will be able to access their old accounts as well, and can migrate their accounts to the new protocols. New users will be able to pre-register for the service at a discounted price, which normally will cost $30 for 5GB of storage or $60 for 20GB of storage.

The timing of Lavabit’s relaunch will be welcomed by those who use encrypted email services. President Donald Trump inherited a massive and powerful surveillance apparatus that is even more invasive than it was in 2013.

This isn’t just a concern within the United States either. The United Kingdom recently granted its police and intelligence agencies unprecedented powers to monitor its citizens.

With new technologies that watch & record everything we do on our computing devices, this will be a valuable addition to the current slim pickings of secure email services.

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