*Microsoft now pushing advertising on your Windows 10 desktop

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Just when you thought Microsoft couldn’t get any sneakier than collecting personal user-data from Windows 10 users, now we have to contend with it pushing advertising direct to our desktops.

We are now seeing advertising beginning to appear on the lock screen, the start screen, and the task bar. Most recently it was in an attempt to increase the user base for it’s flawed Edge browser.

Pop-ups would do their best to get you to try it. Unfortunately, most people who tried it simply shrugged their shoulders with a collective, ‘meh’, and went back to whichever browser they were previously using.

This time, the company is advertising one of its Chrome shopping-based extensions to users of the Chrome browser. The pop-up appears over Chrome’s icon in the taskbar, whether or not Chrome is actively running.

Needless to say, users of Windows 10 are now even more furious about how Microsoft is behaving. How did Microsoft know which browsers they were using if they weren’t spying on them in the first place? And why is Microsoft now pushing advertising directly to the desktop?

Users who don’t want to see these ads can, and should, disable them. In fact, for security reasons it is highly suggested that you do. We are not sure yet just how much more information this allows Microsoft to collect about us, and where it is being re-sold.

At this point Microsoft is treading deep water, considering that it angers part of the company’s customer base simply by throwing advertisement at them. And it’s not like the Windows user base isn’t already concerned with Microsoft spying.

It is just a small step to open up the advertisement options to third-party companies. It would be easy to imagine that many companies would like to throw money at Microsoft for such an opportunity.

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