*ProtonMail is Still the Best Encrypted Email Service To Use

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ProtonMail, an end-to-end encrypted email service, has confirmed that none of the CIA’s Vault7 documents indicate the company’s encryption has been compromised.

Founded in 2013 after Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations, ProtonMail has since become a popular and secure email service for journalists, activists, dissidents and privacy fans.

Last week we reported that Signal Messaging App was still safe to use. After the WikiLeaks/CIA information release many users were unsure of its safety. We were able to verify that Signal had not been compromised … its safety was intact.

Now we are able to report that ProtonMail is safe to use as well.

“We can state unequivocally that there is nothing in the leaked CIA files which indicates any sort of crack of ProtonMail’s encryption,” states Andy Yen, co-founder of ProtonMail, in a blog post. “And despite claims to the contrary, there is also no evidence that Signal end-to-end encryption has been breached.”

“Over the past three years, the CIA has put together a formidable arsenal of cyberweapons specially designed to gain surveillance capabilities over end-user devices such as mobile phones and laptop/desktop computers,” writes Yen.

“The use of end-to-end encryption means services such as ProtonMail are not actually able to decrypt user data,” writes Yen. “Even if we wanted to compromise user data, we do not have the technical means to decrypt the user emails. Furthermore, even if an attacker breached ProtonMail servers, all the emails stored on our servers are encrypted, so an attacker also would not be able to read user emails.”

So, we encourage all our readers that are interested in personal privacy to look into both Signal and ProtonMail. We use them at TechViews News.

Be Safe – Backup Your Data Regularly!


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