*Microsoft now warns users not to install its own Win-10 Creators Update

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Windows 10 has been from the very beginning an operating system (OS) totally unready for use. One of the reasons it was given away for free last year was to get a large number of users to upgrade and become unwilling beta-testers of the OS.

When that didn’t happen Microsoft began tricking users into installing the OS without it even being ready for distribution. And when even that didn’t create the user base that Microsoft wanted they start forcing the upgrade on user’s computers without their permission.

These unprepared and underhanded practices by Microsoft did not go over well with those who didn’t want to be unwilling beta-testers for someone else’s company. Eventually Microsoft took notice when the upgrade process faltered once again.

Their answer … was to force broken patches on a broken operating system in the hope that the patches would fix all the problems inherent in Windows 10. And we’re not even talking about all the data and telemetry collection that Win-10 does. Many of the new, so-called ‘Security and Quality Rollup’ patches actually caused harm to user’s computers.

When the broken patches were discovered, Microsoft claimed that users didn’t understand the new Windows Update process. Now imagine any other industry that forces you to use a product you don’t want, and then breaks it, and blames you for it. That company would be out of business immediately.

But the God’s of Microsoft must be smiling because they are getting away with it.

Now, here we go again.

The much ballyhooed ‘Creators Update’, which Microsoft touts as a significant upgrade, is being rolled out. However, just like everything else regarding Windows-10, it’s still not ready for use or even distribution. And once again Microsoft is tricking users into becoming their beta-testers.

Fortunately, Microsoft has realized that there are still major problems with the Creators Update. Microsoft is now actually telling users NOT to manually upgrade to the new OS.

John Cable, Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing & Delivery, said that he now recommends that users don’t upgrade at all, at least until some major bugs have been cleared up.

That’s a stunning admission from a mega-corporation like Microsoft. Now that the update has started rolling out, it’s become apparent that there are still some stability issues and performing a manual installation isn’t recommended right now.

Mr. Cable doesn’t go in depth on what those issues are, but it appears that all the bugs haven’t been ironed out even though they are pushing it to users through the Windows Update process.

And on of 4-25-17, Microsoft announced  that it plans to release non-security patches for the Windows 10 Creators Update, early. So, think about that … a brand new update to a broken OS, and the update is broken while it’s being rolled out to the masses.

Microsoft is still automatically updating users this time around and if you encounter problems, you can find instructions for rolling back the update here.

Many users are beginning to ask, just what is the need for the Creators Update and what does it do? Well, not much, really.

It’s called ‘Creators’ for a reason. Windows will have a new MSPaint app that will allow you to add drop shadows and create a 3-D effect. Other apps from Microsoft will be able to use that rendering engine and so if you want to start making 3D dogs in MS Paint, then go for it.

Risking a full bricking with your computer by installing the update just might be considered fun.

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