*Four browsers with secure ad-blocking features built in.

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Having to wade through websites that are loaded with ad placements in every corner and between paragraphs can be a major nuisance. And these days many of the ads can be set to download malware onto your computer as well.

So a large number of people use ad-blockers to help eliminate that problem. Most work fairly well, even though a few ads may slip through. And some websites will even block you from viewing their content if you use an adblocker, requiring you to turn your ad-blocker off if you want to proceed.

Simply wanting to browse the Internet and not be pummeled with ads is getting more difficult all the time. Wouldn’t it be great if browsers actually used security methods to block ads?

There are actually quite a few browsers with these features built in, some lesser known than others. Here are four that we’ve tried that seem to do the job fairly well. These browsers will by no means block everything, but they are a great addition to add to your arsenal of ad-blocking and security programs.

  1. Opera

Opera is a lightweight browser with a Chrome-like feel, designed to help you breeze through your web searches and browsing. It’s available for the main operating systems and claims to save battery life on laptops. Furthermore, for the frequent YouTube viewer, it allows for the placement of a floating YouTube window on the desktop. Ad-blocking most definitely is at its core, but it comes packed with a few other features. I use Opera as my second go-to browser when I need something different if I’m not satisfied with how my main browsers render the webpage.

  1. Brave

Brave is a browser created by the former CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich. The browser is lightweight, as it should be, and it offers the ability to donate to content creators directly rather than through ads. That is a good thing. In addition, you can see which ads are prying to break your privacy and which ads are not trying to track you. HTTPS is standard for Brave, which is one of the more secure channels of data transfer. Developers should also know that Brave is a piece of open-source software, so you will have the chance to make it better. All-in-all, Brave is a superb browser that delivers on its key promises, and it is most definitely worth your time to give a try.

  1. Slimjet

In addition to the ad-blocking capabilities we have seen in ad-blocking browsers thus far, Slimjet offers a bit more. A high-speed download manager touts the use of multiple connections to download files quicker, forms fill automatically upon a page being loaded, YouTube videos can be downloaded from the browser as an MP4 or MP3, and a whole lot more. For the power user, Slimjet is not to be overlooked!

  1. Google Chrome (Anticipated Update)

Google is planning a major addition to an upcoming update that includes an ad-blocker. While not released to the public yet, we tried a beta test version and it works fairly well. What Google wants to do with its ad blocker (most likely) is establish a red line through which annoying ads will not cross. These are the ads no one tolerates. Seeing a little ad here and there splashed on a web page isn’t the kind of thing that gets people riled up, it’s the annoying flashing ones that follow you everywhere you go that people most often want to block.

One looming pitfall, though, is that Google may block just about everything that is not Google Ads or YouTube ads. That having been said, it would add one more line of defense to a browser

The battleground of keeping users’ data safe and secure is tough, and there certainly is a lot of muck to slow down your Internet speed.

Be Safe – Backup Your Data Regularly!


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