*Cybercriminals now using fake messaging apps to steal your personal information

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Cybercriminals have been trying to get a foothold in Smartphones without much success. The primary way was through fake apps in your phones’ app store where it was hidden with legit apps.

That works if you are someone who mindlessly downloads apps for fun. Unfortunately that behavior is mostly among the younger crowd who don’t know any better. But occasionally we all find something interesting and want to try it out. A person could download an app that looks legit and … wham … they get a bad one that infects their smartphone.

Most phone carriers now have ways for spotting those fake apps and are starting to block them. That is good for the users, but also creates a reason for the scammers to find other ways to infect your phone.

Lately, it seems like cybercriminals have been turning their attention to popular messaging apps to trick users into installing malicious software or worse, giving away their sensitive information. Currently, the most dangerous way to get a smartphone infection is through messaging apps used by people who feel the need to message and text 24/7.And it looks like that’s not the only devious scam going around. In fact, the latest malware that’s piggybacking the messaging app’s popularity can inflict more harm and do far worse damage to its victims.

GhostCtrl is a newly discovered Android malware that’s being spread around disguised as popular apps like WhatsApp and Pokemon Go.

Revealed by security researchers at Trend Micro, the malicious app opens a backdoor on your phone and is capable of secretly recording audio and video and resetting your phone’s password, locking you out of your phone.

It can also monitor your phone activity and steal your personal data like photos, call logs, text messages, contacts, browser history and even install ransomware.

“We’ve named this Android back door GhostCtrl, as it can stealthily control many of the infected device’s functionalities,” Trend Micro wrote in a blog post.

It appears to be based on multi-platform malware OmniRAT, a spying tool for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, but GhostCtrl was designed solely for infecting Android gadgets. It is also part of the bigger RETADUP data theft worm campaign that targeted two Israeli hospitals last month.

So far, three versions of GhostCtrl have been detected with more advanced hijacking features added for each newer variant. The researchers said that the malware is likely to gain more functionality in future versions.

Users can be infected by downloading fake versions of legitimate apps like WhatsApp and Pokemon Go from third-party app sources. When opened, the malware installs a malicious package that can take over your device while opening a backdoor connection to its command and control server.

Click here to read Trend Micro’s blog post.

Protect yourself

To prevent your Android gadget from GhostCtrl infections and other malware attacks in general, avoid downloading and installing apps from third-party sources. Only download apps from the official Google Play app store and make sure you check user reviews, too before installing.

Also, keep your device updated with the latest security updates and turn on data encryption for your phone.

Additionally, keep regular backups of your data to protect against sudden data loss or ransomware.

Be Safe – Backup Your Data Regularly!


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