*Windows market share: Win-7 at 68%; Win-10 at 13%

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SpiceWorks latest survey shows Win 7 still the choice for savvy computer users. Microsoft, ignoring the comments from Tech experts and users alike, is still confused as to why Win 7 is holding on as strong as it has, and Win 10 hasn’t caught on like they expected.

Little has been done to change the minds of consumers who view Win 10 as a “work in progress”, and those who took the bait have been nothing more than involuntary beta-testers.

Those who were going to change to Windows 10 did it a long time ago, when they thought they were getting a shiny new toy for nothing. Those who saw no benefit in changing back then don’t have any reason to change their mind now, given the problematic upgrades Microsoft has tossed out.


The Windows 10 penetration rate increased over the last three months, mostly making up for the same percent decline in Windows XP.

Although 11 percent is still high for an unsupported OS, the persistent showing for XP is indicative of the fact that some organizations are needing to hold on to XP because of custom software written specifically for that company and XP.

It should also be noted that not all XP users have a need to be connected to the Internet where the real threats to XP exist. As long as a machine or internal network operates in a closed system without the need for Internet connectivity, there is no real pressing need to upgrade. However, with recent WannaCry and Petrwrap ransomware incidents disrupting businesses while making international headlines, organizations have a lot of incentive to move to more secure OSes.

Unsurprisingly, the immensely popular Windows 7 is still the top dog when it comes to market penetration. But despite its big lead, Windows 7 is beginning to show a slight decline.

When Windows 10 launched in July 2015, Microsoft predicted it would be installed on one billion devices within two to three years.  Making Windows 10 more appealing to business users who skipped Windows 8 was a necessary priority for Microsoft, because Win 8’s UI and touch-first focus made it less appealing to customers relying on keyboards and mice.

But with all new retail and enterprise machines now offered as Windows 10 only, the market share of Win 10 will organically increase on its own.

As a side note, research has indicated that the Edge browser that is included in Win 10 has received almost zero traction. While Microsoft touts it as the new “bare bones browser of the future”, it is really barely useable. Most Win 10 users are sticking with IE-11 as long as they can, or continuing to add Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Vivaldi as their browser of choice.marketshare-browser

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