Secure-Remote releases left- handed TV remote control.

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Secure-Remote just announced that it has released a new model of its popular Universal TV Remote Control that it claims is more secure for left handed people.

Left handed people who were using the standard right handed model found that their fingers often hit the wrong buttons, which created a sense that the security of their smart TV sets was being compromised.

In an accompanying statement, Secure-Remote executives say that this new device assists the 32 million left handed people in the United States that fear their smart TVs are spying on them because of the remote control’s inherent bias toward right handed people.

According to Secure-Remote engineers, the components inside the physical remote unit are the same, except for an accelerometer that recognizes if a person is holding the remote in his (or her) right or left hand. It works similar to the accelerometer in a smartphone that can recognize when a phone is held vertically or horizontally.

Creston McClendon, Secure-Remote engineer, put it this way: “It’s time we addressed the plight of left handed people using modern day electronics. We are proud to be the first to produce an item that will help free left handed people from the fear of using a non-secure TV remote control in their homes.”

According to William Martin of Peoria, Illinois, “I’ve been left handed all my life. I worry that my smart TV records what I’m doing because I’ve been forced to use my remote control with my right hand. Now I feel a lot safer”.

And Alice Martin in Tucumcari, N.M. (no relation to William Martin) says, “I’ve always held a pencil with my left hand, now I can finally hold a TV remote with my left hand as well. Thank you Secure-Remote”.

But Ashton Martin III in Boston, MA, (no relation to William Martin or Alice Martin) said in frustration, “I’m a proud right hander. Can’t we all just get along?”

The new left-handed Smart TV Remote Control should be in stores tomorrow on April 2.



….. UPDATE …..

We received multiple emails requesting information on when and where the new left-handed TV remote controls would be available. We had one email praising the ‘manufacturer’, Secure-Remote, for taking such a bold step. We even had one that criticized TechViews News for making light of a serious issue. Gosh — there are a lot of serious people out there.

But mostly, we heard from many who shared our little chuckle. We, like so many others, choose not to be serious all the time, and took one day to release technology from it’s stale boredom and have a little joy with it.

Thank you everyone for reacting to our little April Fool’s Day fun.

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