How to make your Android phone feel twice as fast


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With Android market share hovering around 85% for the past few years, it’s clear that it is the most popular and versatile smartphone on the market today.

And as the past few years have produced almost yearly upgrades in phone performance, the recent smartphones are plenty fast.

Sure you’ll still come across the odd bug and the screen skipping here and there, but for the most part Android phone vendors have really gotten their acts together. Of course, speed on a smartphone is something where you can never have enough. What you might not realize though, is that you don’t have to wait for a new phone with a next-generation processor or new faster RAM chips to enjoy a speedier experience on your Android smartphone.

Every so often, we come across tips on how to adjust a few secret settings that will have an instant impact on your Android phone, speeding up the interface and making it feel so much faster. This trick is so simple and so useful that we wanted to toss it out to our readers who use Android smartphones.

So, what exactly are we talking about?

When you switch apps or open new screens, the speed of the animations that transition you from one screen to the next actually have a huge impact on the speed of the user interface. They already seem to move so quickly that you barely notice them. But believe it or not, doubling the speed of these animations actually has a massive impact on how fast your Android phone feels.

Each time you open an app, close an app, or switch between apps, your phone plays a transition animation. This way there’s a smooth transition from one screen to the next, rather than just an abrupt image change. Those animations might seem fast, but there’s an easy way to speed them up even more and the end result is a phone that feels much faster.

To be clear, these tweaks won’t make your Wi-Fi any faster, or your phone service carrier signal any stronger. This is simply for the movement of graphics on the user interface.

There’s a secret Settings menu inside Android’s Settings app called “Developer Options” and it’s filled with a wide range of advanced options. It’s hidden by default — it is a secret, after all — but it’s simple to gain access to it on your phone.

  • Open the Settings app
    • If your handset runs Android 8.0+, tap System (skip this step if you’re on an earlier version of Android)
  • Scroll down and tap About phone
  • Scroll down again and tap Build number 7 times consecutively

Then once you’ve gained access to the Developer Options on your phone, open it and scroll down until you see the following three settings:

  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator animation scale

If you are running a previous Android version, you get to the Developer Options by going to the “More” section in the Settings tab, then scroll down to Developer Options. The three settings you want to adjust are near the bottom of the scroll.

Next to each of the three aforementioned settings, you’ll see a “1x.” That number indicates that your animations are being played at 100% speed. To make them play twice as fast, all you need to do is tap each setting and change “1x” to “.5x,” then exit the Developer options section once you’re done. “.5x” is half of “1x,” of course, which means the same animation will be displayed in half the time. In other words, your transition animations will be twice as fast. Just to ensure there isn’t any confusion, be sure to select “.5x” and not “5x.”

Whether you’re the owner of an older Android phone that’s starting to feel a bit sluggish or you have a brand new flagship, your phone will feel brand new all over again by making these simple adjustments.

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