Want to Send Self-Destructing Messages in Gmail?


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“This message will self-destruct in five seconds ….. good luck”.

Just like in spy movies, wouldn’t you like to send secure messages that will self-destruct? Well you can now do that in Gmail.

Not all messages are meant to be forwarded or circulated. Some are simply meant to be private, ‘for your eyes only’. The longer they remain in your inbox, the more likely it is they’ll end up in the wrong place or with the wrong set of eyes on them.

Gmail has a solution straight out of a classic spy movie, allowing users to send an automatically self-destructing message. The feature is available on both the Gmail mobile app and the web interface, and it’s well integrated and extremely simple to use.

How to Send a Self-Destructing Email Using the Gmail Web Interface

  1. Open your browser and sign in to Gmail.
  1. Select Compose, to begin writing a message like you normally would.
  2. When the Compose window opens, select the “lock and clock” icon at the bottom of the window to enable confidential mode.
  3. A new window will open to let you tweak the settings for your message. Choose how long you want your message to last before it expires.
  4. At the bottom of the window, Gmail lets you choose how it will handle the message on other platforms. It can either email or text a password to the recipient. When you’re done, select Save.
  5. Write and send your Gmail message like you normally would.

How to Send a Self-Destructing Message Using the Gmail Mobile App

  1. Open your Gmail mobile app.
  2. From your inbox, tap the (+) in the lower right of your screen.
  3. Your screen will switch to Gmail’s Compose screen. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, and select Confidential mode.
  4. Gmail will open the Confidential mode settings. Start by setting how long you want your message to last.
  5. Choose whether or not you want Google to send the recipient a passcode in a text message, then tap Save.

What to Do When Receiving a Self-Destructing Gmail on Other Providers

What happens when you use a different email provider than Gmail, and you receive a self-destructing message from someone that is sending from Gmail? The answer is pretty simple; you don’t actually get the message. Instead, you’ll find a link to the message in your inbox.

  1. When you first open your inbox and see a confidential (self-destructing) message from Gmail, it’ll look exactly like a normal message. Open it like you normally would.
  2. You’ll notice you won’t actually see the message. Instead, you’ll see a note from Google saying this is a confidential message and telling you who sent it. It’ll then have a link to let you access the message. Select View the email.
  3. A new tab will open, or your browser app will open on mobile. In the new tab, you’ll see a message letting you know which email address the message was sent to. If you own the address, you can request the code needed to open it. Select Send Passcode to get the code.
  4. Back in your inbox, wait for a new message from Google, then open it to find the passcode for your message
  5. Copy or memorize the code, then return to the message tab in your browser to enter the code.
  6. With the code entered, the browser tab will log you in and display the message for you. When you’re done, select Sign Out.

There … super-spies have nothing on you.

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