How to Track Online, Email & Phone Scams


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Every day it seems a new scam is affecting hundreds of thousands of people and businesses. And we see even older scams that have been re-written and dressed up to look like something new.

While it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the scams that can harm us or our systems, there is a place that keeps tracks of the most obvious ones.

The Daily Scam is a website that does just that. It keeps track of the more obvious scams, as well as those that are sneaky and fly past us and catch us off guard.

The Daily Scam allows you to sign up for a newsletter that outlines and describes what’s new. It also keeps a list of past newsletters to peruse if you want to look back. Or you can simply refer to the website at any time to read about current scams or to research what’s been going on.

What I like are the breakdowns of important scams by date and category, educational tips, other helpful scam tracking websites, and a fully catalogued scam collection of just about everything that’s been thrown at us over the past decade.

It’s really quite impressive just to wade through.

The website states,

“Our goal is to help clients increase their awareness of computer related, internet based threats from scams and fraudulent practices, and to decrease their risks and associated lost productivity”

Indeed, anyone who suspects they’ve been hit, or wants to stay on top of current threats, needs this website ready to access.

Be Safe – Backup Your Data Regularly!


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