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When most people talk about Internet scams they are usually referring to those phishing attempts to collect your login credentials, or to get you to buy a non-existent product. There are even the dating sites that allow fake profiles that try to convince you into sending them money. And, of course the Nigerian Prince scam that wants to give you millions of dollars if you’ll deposit a check for him.

But there’s much more that a lot of people aren’t aware of. In fact, since a lot of business and personal communication is handled through the Internet, most scams these days come to us either in an email or a bogus website that offers us something that doesn’t exist.

The Daily Scam is one of the best websites around that collects and catalogues online scams. Their homepage says, “Our goal is to help people increase their awareness of computer related, Internet-based threats from scams and fraudulent practices, and to decrease their risks and associated lost productivity.”

Quite a mission statement, indeed.

They have many different scams broken into multiple categories, and then more subcategories, many I never even considered. How many times have we felt uneasy about something online and we just weren’t sure? Chances are it’s covered someplace in the website.

Here are the primary categories their listings use:

  • Dating & Sex
  • Jobs & Hiring Scams
  • Customer & Tech Support
  • Deceptive Marketing
  • Taxes, IRS & Legal Threats
  • Awards & Giveaways
  • Rentals & Real Estate
  • Social Media & Texting
  • Miscellaneous Scams

And, of course those categories have multiple subcategories.

It’s seldom that we make a strong recommendation, but we feel this is an excellent website useful to anyone who is curious about computer-related scams.

The best way to fight back against scammers is to educate yourself!  Learn how to recognize threats and lower your risks for becoming the next victim.

Be Safe – Backup Your Data Regularly!


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