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We use our smartphones for all kinds of things other than as a cellphone. Many people bank, buy from Amazon or other places, register for plane trips and even buy groceries. All of this is, of course, online.

Since most people have access to Wi-Fi they choose to keep that turned on instead of using their phone service data plans. But that doesn’t mean you should just keep your Wi-Fi settings as they are at all times.

Certain settings can negatively impact your phone — mainly your privacy and its battery. Getting a handle on those settings can make all of the difference.  

Turning your Wi-Fi off can help protect your privacy in a major way if you are out and about. If you are using your Wi-Fi in public, always enable and disable Wi-Fi manually.

The most important setting to turn off is: automatic scanning for open Wi-Fi connections. We usually leave it on when we’re at home or at work so our phone can automatically connect to our trusted router. But in public you should keep your PC/phone hidden from other devices. You don’t want your phone to connect to an unknown Wi-Fi service you can’t trust.

Public Wi-Fi networks are one of the most popular ways for hackers to target mobile devices. Anyone may use these public networks, such as those used at airports, hotels and coffee shops. This means that a hacker might potentially see everything you do on these networks when you’re logged in. You can switch it back on whenever you want, but turning off your Wi-Fi will keep your phone from automatically connecting to public unsecured networks.

If you connect to these fake networks, the hackers can control anything you do. So, turn it off and you can turn it back on later whenever you want, so that your personal data remains safe and secure.

Plus, the scanning process actually uses battery resources because your device always keeps looking for Wi-Fi in the background. Turn it off if you are in public.

Also, turn off file sharing and printer connection when you are in a public Wi-Fi network. Those settings are an easy open door for someone to remotely enter your phone and take control of your information.

When you are in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you can afford to be more relaxed with your Wi-Fi settings. But the minute you step out your door and rely on public Wi-Fi to connect to the world, make sure you are taking these extra precautions so that your data is as safe and private as possible. 

Or to be comprehensive, just turn of Wi-Fi completely until you get back to a location with a Wi-Fi connected you know you can trust.


Be Safe – Backup Your Data Regularly!


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