* Is Amazon Echo always listening?

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Do you use Amazon’s Alexa?

The Amazon Echo has seven built-in microphones so it can hear you from across the room, even if you have music playing. It’s an amazing piece of technology.

However, having a device in your home that’s always listening poses some privacy concerns. For example, is everything you say being recorded and if so, who has access to the recordings?

That’s why you need to know about these essential Echo security settings to help alleviate those concerns.

So … Is Amazon Echo always listening?

The short answer is yes.

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*Amazon Echo listens and records everything

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In-Home Virtual Assistants sprang onto the market with the Amazon Echo. Since then around 5.1 million units have already been sold. If this past Christmas is any indicator, it doesn’t seem as if this trend will be slowing anytime soon

But with millions of people bringing either the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot into their homes and connecting them to their private Wi-Fi networks, there is serious cause for concern.

What owners of these virtual assistants might not realize is that these kinds of home appliances are always listening, and recording everything they hear.


Yes, because it’s the listening and translating algorithms that allow the Echo to understand comments or commands. That means, if you’re not careful, they could be a privacy nightmare.

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*Safekeeping Your Holiday Secrets on Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Netflix

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When a relationship gets serious, we start to share more of our lives. We borrow each other’s cars. We move in together. Inevitably, we start sharing each other’s technology and even our passwords.

But your device says a lot about you: Your pastimes, your taste in music, your curiosities and the things you shop for. So how do you maintain your privacy online, even with the people who are closest to you?

Here are a few simple tricks to help you keep your secrets under wraps. (Note: Apps and websites do not always work the same across all devices and operating systems. If something isn’t located in the menus precisely as I say, look around for a similar action.)

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