*Simple Cyber-Security measures we should all practice

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It is time to give up the idea that security breaches are for big corporations and high profile figures. Any one of us can become a target. And we must learn the basics to protect ourselves.

Despite the stories you hear about the sophisticated methods employed by hackers, in most cases, it is simple negligence that allows them to carry out their attacks.

A 2014 report from IBM states that 95 percent of security breaches result from human carelessness. For example, despite all the warnings you see about creating strong passwords, you’d be surprised to learn that “12345” and “password” remain the two most common passwords on the internet.

Remember, it was “password” that was used by Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, that allowed intruders to gain access to his emails that sank her campaign.

First things first … Keep backups of your data

Keeping regular backups of your data outside of your computer has many benefits, especially for data recovery situations. But it is also important from a security perspective, as some breeds of cyberattacks, such as ransomware , target and corrupt your data in order to extort money from you. In such situations, having backups of your data can save you time, money, and headaches.

It’s so important that we place “Be Safe – Backup Your Data Regularly!” at the bottom of every article on TechViews News.

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*Update On Yahoo Name Change, and Merger With Verizon & AOL

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Only the investment part of Yahoo that will be renamed ‘Altaba’, while the main brand will retain its name.

Contrary to some news reports on Monday, only the part of Yahoo that is not being sold to Verizon will be renamed “Altaba”.

In addition, Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, is to step down from its board, but will continue to be CEO.

Verizon agreed to buy Yahoo’s search engine and web portal for $4.83bn back in July. However, Yahoo’s shareholders held on to the company’s lucrative investments – including a 36% stake in Yahoo Japan and a 16% stake in Alibaba, and patent portfolio. This remaining entity has no product and no staff members.

According to an SEC filing released on Monday, that entity will, provided the Verizon deal goes through, be know as Altaba and Mayer, along with five other board members, will resign from its board.

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*5 Ways Employees Put Their Companies At Risk

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Every day, trusted employees are putting organizations at risk by performing seemingly innocent acts on their computers.

Recently, an Intermedia report found 93 percent of employees engage in at least one form of poor data security. And 23 percent of respondents admitted they would take data from their company if it would benefit them.

Most companies are investing large sums into hardening their systems against outside threats. And this would been appropriate in light of the huge increase in data security breaches we’ve seen over the last couple of years.

But before investing in new security technology to thwart external threats, companies should place higher priority on identifying and fixing internal risks.

Here are a few of the most common employee traits that expose businesses to potential harm:

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*What does Google Know about us?

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We know that Google tracks all our online searches through their website. We know that Google scans all our Gmail for key words. We know that Google does the same for files developed with GoogleDocs and stored in GoogleCloud. Does that bother you? It certainly does me.

But this is part of the Google business plan … record and track our lives so they can develop profiles on us and resell that information to marketers, government agencies, and other interested parties that will pay for it.

Ever wonder how you can search for a topic, and then almost immediately ads for those very topics suddenly appear in other websites you visit? It’s the data Google collects about us and sells to others. Yes, Google makes it’s money by selling data about our personal lives.

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*What is Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Internet?

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The Internet is divided into 3 parts called, Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web. But just what are these three parts to the Internet?

We use the internet in our life daily, but most people don’t know what the Internet truly is, or what it’s comprised of. We just think that Internet is something that is connected to our computers so we use it to make our lives more convenient.

We all know that the connected computer networks are constantly growing. But the Internet that we use is only the tip if the iceberg. In basic terms, this is how the Internet is constructed:

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*The Cloud Is in for Bubble Trouble

By Steve Tobak   …..

Shares of Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce.com have been red hot for the past couple of years. Why? Two words: The cloud. Cloud services is the hottest trend in tech. The real question is, are cloud computing stocks really worth outlandish multiples, or is this just another massively overhyped tech trend or, God forbid, a bubble.

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