*Windows 10 Uses Your Computer to Update Other People’s PCs. Here’s How to Stop It.

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One of Windows 10’s new features is its optimized update delivery system. If Microsoft’s servers are busy, Windows 10 can grab updates for the operating system and for Windows Store apps from other computers — either on your local network or over the Internet.

The catch, however, is that if ‘peer-to-peer file-sharing’ is turned on (which it is, by default), your computer also turns into an update-sharing hub, feeding updates to other devices both on and off your network.

Peer-to-peer file-sharing opens up some security concerns, even if it’s only for Windows updates. According to Microsoft, Delivery Optimization uses the same security measures as Windows Update and the Windows Store to ensure no privacy breaches occur.

There’s also a very nasty side effect to this however : Windows 10’s P2P sharing eating into your upload bandwidth and slowing down your network connection. If your PC is feeding updates to other computers over the Internet, it might be eating through your data limit or tying up your bandwidth. Delivery Optimization won’t run if you’re using a metered connection, but you may still want to turn it off just in case. Here’s how to do that.

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